Choosing A Chiropractor Is A Big Decision

Allow me to introduce myself... I am Dr. Russ Horine. In the picture, I'm the old guy with the nicely shaped head. The two other chiropractors are my son, Dr. Lee Horine and his lovely bride, Dr. Natalie Horine. Along with my wife Andrea, who runs the back office, we make up the Horine Chiropractic family.

I know it may surprise you, but we actually love working together.

I guess we are just blessed to function better as a group than as individuals. And our treatment method really demonstrates that point...

Our discovery could not have been done alone.

Helping People in the Visalia Area Get Pain-Free For Over 30 Years

Based on the research we compiled for our book, Say Goodbye to Back Pain, we have created a comprehensive approach that we hope will change how back pain, neck pain, and sciatica are treated across the country. The results are simply too exciting to ignore.

In fact, we have been humbled by the praise we've received from other health care professionals… Here’s what a few had to say:

  • It's discoveries like these that have the power to change our understanding of health... Passing up an opportunity to hear what these doctors have to say on the matter would be an unfortunate mistake.
    John Gerard, M.D.
  • Life changing ideas like this don't come around very often... I don't know if they realize how big of a discovery they have actually made.
    Daniel Bader, M.D.
  • Drs. Horine's groundbreaking approach turns the current understanding of back pain upside down... And their elegant method to healing back pain is brilliantly simple.
    David Phillips, PhD, CEO ReBuilder Medical, Inc.
  • The doctors offer an absolutely marvelous, fresh approach that could truly give you the knowledge and the power to take your life back from chronic pain.
    Michael O'Leary, D.C., CEO OHP

Over the last 30 years, our practice has morphed into a clinic that has built its reputation on getting excellent results with very difficult back pain and neck pain cases. Oftentimes, patients who come to us have exhausted all other health care options.

Dealing with folks with severe pain has taught us quite a few “tricks” that can pull the body out of a constant state of distress and flip it into a healing mode.

Of course, we can’t guarantee success – no doctor can... But we can promise that we will deliver the best chiropractic care possible. And we will always be open and honest about whether or not we feel we can help you.

And while our approach is based on science and the latest research, we are still a down-to-earth family practice that clings to traditional values... and you will definitely feel the family vibe here.

If I had to pinpoint what really distinguishes us from other health care providers, I’d say this: We take your results personally.

And I’m still not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing...

Here’s what I mean.

In the health care profession, common advice is to leave the office at the office, and treat patients like a day job.

Well, our family has never been good at that. We take our “work” home with us. We are obsessed with what we do and we LOVE it.

We spend our nights and weekends mulling over how to get better, faster results and to learn from our failures.

While others in the health care world might consider this to be a negative, we firmly believe that our “work-a-holic” lifestyle pays off every time we step into the room to meet a new patient who deserves the best care possible. And we don’t know how to offer that any other way.

Besides, it’s our life’s passion – it’s not work.

So if you are tired of taking life day by day, and want to rekindle a life full of passion and vigor, then let us help get you there... we are invested in your results. And it would be our pleasure to serve you.

Give us a call today at 559-625-1100.

Yours in health, Dr. Russ Horine

Drs. Horine have taken research from completely different areas of science, digested it, and applied it in a revolutionary and innovative way that will leave back pain sufferers with new found hope.

Dwight James, MD

During a dance lift, I was dropped and that is when my back began hurting.

It got so bad that I could no longer dance and I had to watch everyone else dance. After treatment at Horine Chiropractic, I’m now able to step into a dance studio with complete confidence, and not worry about my back. Thank you!

Mackenzie Conway

Dance Major in San Fransisco

It was three years that I had little to no feeling in both of my legs from the waist down. I was told by medical doctors that I needed a surgery that only gave a 50% chance of walking again.

After several adjustments and decompression therapy at Horine Chiropractic, I regained almost 100% of the feeling in my legs and have been able to do things that I have not been able to do for three years.

Dan Carter

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This place is Amazing!! I had a horrible accident, spent months in rehab, and then physical therapy, nothing helped, then I found this place, and I am now stable in my walking, and my pain is way more tolerable, and I have only been going a short time, I am sure I will be feeling awesome ...

Cathie R.
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This place is Amazing!! I had a horrible accident, spent months in rehab, and then physical therapy, nothing helped, then I found this place, and I am now stable in my walking, and my pain is way more tolerable, and I have only been going ...

Mola R.
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The staff is exceptional!!! Always greet you so warmly and personally! Dr. Horine has saved my back! You feel cared for and genuinely taken care of from the beginning of the visit until the end!

Kristina A.
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I went to see Dr. Horine and he suggested some therapies that they offer. Sparring the sordid details of it all, 2 days later I went to work at the hospital for 3 straight 12 hour shifts without any discomfort at all. I highly recommend this chiropractic group. They did wonders for me ...

Bob P.
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I have been a patient of the Horine's since 2009 and they are truly the most informative, educated and kindest physicians I have ever met! I see them for Fibromyalgia treatments and Reguar Chiropractic. I highly recommend them for anyone! ...

Ashley H.
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Long story short: I thank God for this place and the 3 amazing doctors and staff that helped me feel better. They all really care about how you feel.

Frances A.
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Doctors and staff are very friendly, professional and knowledgeable, I called for a same day appointment and was able to be seen that afternoon. I enjoy going in every time and they make you feel at home...

Cynthia U.
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They know what they are doing! All of the staff are friendly and professional they will walk you through the process to felling better just be very specific with your condition. Take into account your sleeping, they way you stand, how active you are ect.... don't just say my back hurts ...

Patrick M.
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Love this place had lower back issues .. Now it feels so much better but also I learned what my problems were instead of just having a bandaid over the issue great place and staff!

Josh C.
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Horine Chiropractor brought back a smile to my Face. The Dr's and Staff at Horine are knowledgeable and Caring, they pay attention to every patient's needs and care for every single patient as it is their only patient....

Patty A.
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What an amazing experience! From the minute I walked in the door every attention to detail and concern to my pain I had was a prime importance to them. ...

Jacqueline M.
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I look forward to my appointments because I know how much better I am feeling after each one. They are truly a wonderful family, and their staff is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. I would recommend Horine Chiropractic to ANYONE ...

Suzi S.
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Words cannot begin to describe the world class care provided why these wonderful physicians! The quality of care I received from them has definitely exceeded that of any others I have ever experienced. After many encounters with ...

Brittany H.
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There aren't enough words to describe how great the office, staff and quality care you receive here! Very caring, gentle and conservative with your needs ...

Claire P.
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All three doctors at Horine Chiropractic re absolutely wonderful! They are all very personable and knowledgable about any issue from head to toe. I stop by every chance I can because I automatically feel results. I am a three sport athlete ...

Rylee P.
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