Herniated / Bulging Disc

When your spine has been out of balance for many months or years it can cause the pads between the spinal bones to become damaged. This can cause what is called a herniated/bulging disc.

A lot of times a herniated disc can go unnoticed. But when the disc bulges and pinches on your nerves… YOU NOTICE!

If it’s herniated in your low back, it can cause sciatica which is pain or numbness that travels from the low back into the buttock, hip or leg.

If the herniated disc is in your neck, it can cause severe neck pain that travels deep in the shoulder, between the shoulder blades, and into the arm and hand. When severe, it can cause weakness and numbness in the arm and hand, often mimicking carpal tunnel syndrome.

A herniated or bulging disc is a serious condition that requires prompt chiropractic treatment especially when the bulge is pinching your nerves.

You must re-balance your spine and decompress the damaged disc in order to heal. Anything short of that is simply putting a band-aid over a bullet wound – the real problem won’t be addressed.

We specialize in this area of treatment and we take it very seriously because way too many people are sent to surgery unnecessarily and wind up with terrible consequences that can’t be undone.

For the sake of your spine and the rest of your life, don’t play around with this. Give our office a call and schedule an appointment today at 559-625-1100. We are located in Visalia, CA.