Lower Back Pain

Low back pain downright sucks. It takes away your ability to do even the most basic things. When you have to think about how you get in and out of bed, you have a problem that can no longer be ignored.

One of the sneakiest things about back pain is that it is COMMON.

You hear people all the time talking about their back hurting them or being sore. Because of this, we make the mistake of thinking it's normal...just part of the aging process.

Well, it's not.

When your back goes out on you, you know deep down that it’s not right. Nothing about it feels minor and you can’t just walk it off. It doesn’t leave. And you don’t want to “whine and complain” about something that everyone else seems to talk about as normal.

Again, it’s not normal, and the sooner you get it fixed the better off you will be.

In the majority of cases, the cause of this pain is due to spinal bones being misaligned and causing nerves to be pinched and muscles to spasm.

Unless the spine is rebalanced and learns to stay balanced, the problem will not go away. Or if it does, it will come back.

This is why taking medications and/or spinal injections don’t work in the long run. They just mask the problem.

We get phenomenal results with our method of balancing the spine and eliminating the root cause of the problem.

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