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“After about 6 weeks of treatment with Dr. Horine the numbness in my hands and arms were gone and I am feeling great. If you’re in pain, you have nothing to lose. Give Dr. Horine a shot. I can almost guarantee that you’ll walk out with a whole new mind set about chiropractic because it works.”

“My back pain was severe enough that it would disrupt my sleep or hurt anytime I would cough or sneeze. They’re incredibly positive here and invested in helping you heal, which is want you want in a doctor.”

Nicole Saputo


“The most recent therapy helped me increase my bench press by 100lbs! What Dr. Horine does works and I will never argue with that.”

“When I fell from the ladder I, suddenly, was not able to breathe or move. I thought I was done. I came to Dr. Horine and within a couple weeks I was dragging myself better and I was able to get in and out of the car. Dr. Horine helped me walk again...”

“I had been away from the cage for 6 months during my ACL injury and thanks to the therapies here, my batting percentage increased when I returned. I went from hitting squared-up 75% of the time to now 90-95% of the time!”

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“I have no more numbness in my arms, I can sleep at night, and I have no back stiffness. The Doctors at Horine Chiropractic are simply FANTASTIC!”

“Within three weeks of treatment at Horine Chiropractic I was able to throw in the game without pain. I felt as good as new.”

“I couldn’t close my hand or grip anything…not even a pot of coffee. I was told I had carpal tunnel, but after my very first visit with Dr. Horine I saw a 50% reduction of the swelling in my wrist. I couldn’t believe it! After only ¬5 treatments, I was able to completely close my fist and I’m sleeping better.I feel like I have practically found family here.”

“At one point the “experts” told me there was a possibility I wouldn’t be able to walk, and could be confined to a wheelchair. Well guess what? I’m fine now! I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Horine.”

“I was misdiagnosed with neuropathy, until coming here to find out that I actually had a bulging disc in my back. This is why I was willing to drive an hour to get here.I couldn’t even get out of bed let alone walk. Now I’m looking forward to getting back to work and doing things on my own. I have my life back.”

“I suffered from a pulled hamstring and came into this office upon advice from my personal trainer. I didn’t even know that my back was tight until I came here. Here, the whole body is cared for.I feel 100% better yet still continue to come in once a week as a preventative means. Athletes receive precautionary care, why shouldn’t I?”

“Dr. Horine is so gentle and knowledgeable about spine and muscle conditions. I had back pain that would literally put me to the ground and now I rarely experience any pain. Don’t knock this place until you try it.”

“I suffered from hot, prickly pain in my feet for years. The pain was so bad that it was getting in the way of my ballroom dancing with my husband. I couldn’t even stand without pain.The therapy and treatment Dr. Horine offers is fantastic. My husband and I are dancing and competing again. What’s more, I can stand on my feet all day without pain and not worry about a thing.”

“My back hurt so bad that I was literally hunched over and leaning to the side when I first came to Horine Chiropractic. Now I’m walking completely normal and back to work. I think everyone should give this place a try, it’s a family practice and everyone is genuinely concerned about the progress you’re making.”

“I was reaching for some toothpaste and my back went out. Since that day I had terrible muscle spasms in my back. I was told by my medical doctor that I would need surgery. Dr. Horine gave me the option of spinal decompression therapy- and I’m so glad. The treatment worked. I am now pain free and have my life back.”

“I injured my neck and I don’t even know how. It took me 6 months to finally come in here but, Dr. Horine’s confidence and competency is what I needed to get me well.Now I can lift weights again, take my dog for walks, do chores around the house and most importantly, I can sleep again.If you’re in pain, don’t wait, you need to go see Dr. Horine.”

“I suffered from a head injury 27 years ago that left me feeling absolutely hopeless. I had been from doctor to doctor only to find no long term help. Thanks to Dr. Horine, I am no longer on Verapamil for vertigo, Atavan for anxiety and Meclizine for dizziness and motion sickness. I have my life back! And I am remembering more everyday!”

“After going through Dr. Horine’s decompression therapy program, I no longer take Vicodin or anti-inflammatories. I’m even back to doing my gardening!”

“I didn’t even realize that my hip pain was coming from my back until Dr. Horine made the connection.My back is like new and my hip doesn’t hurt anymore. I am the one driving with my wife asleep in the passenger seat now.!”

“I couldn’t envision living another 20-30 years the way I felt. After going through Dr. Horine’s treatment and taking gluten out of my life, I no longer have constant pain. And I’m looking forward to the rest of my life.”

“The pain in my feet was so bad that I thought I would be taking drugs for the rest of my life without even being able to walk.Dr. Horine’s treatments really worked. Not only am I completely pain free, but my husband and I are traveling again, I am sleeping better, my digestive system is better, everything is just so improved. I am so grateful to Dr. Horine and the staff.”

“My neuropathy became so bad that I couldn’t feel my feet while walking and had to hold on to the wall to keep me from falling.After Dr. Horine’s treatment, I can feel my feet again! I actually felt ticklish while getting the laser therapy…and I haven’t felt that sensation for many years..”

“My balance was so bad that I couldn’t walk right anymore. I would hang onto things around me to prevent myself from falling…I was worried that I would continue to get worse.Dr. Horine was the only person who was able to help me.The treatment made a remarkable difference. I had fat, pink feet again! Not only can I wear backless shoes again, but I can kayak, ride a bike, and go on vacations…I have my life back!”

“I went to several neurologists that all confirmed I have neuropathy but offered no suggestions or therapies other than taking medications for the pain…and I didn’t have a lot of pain. I found Dr.Horine and I was finally able to find relief. Here at Horine Chiropractic, they are always researching the latest treatment options and the office staff is amazing…”

"I could hardly move much less get out of bed because my pain was so bad. Surgery was out of the question, I tried that before…it didn’t work. After only one treatment with Dr. Horine I felt 70% better. I was back on the job in a matter of days.Dr. Horine and the staff didn’t make me feel like just another patient, they made me feel like part of their family."

"If you put up with pain for any length of time, you will be relieved to find that Dr. Horine’s treatments work. I didn’t even know I had no feeling in my big toe. Because of Dr. Horine’s treatment, I was able to go off my pain medication."

Judy England


I had terrible pain in my arm and shoulder for years and the pain was getting so bad that it was becoming more and more difficult for me to do my work. I went to Dr. Horine and his examination discovered that I had a bulging disc in my neck that was pinching a nerve and causing the pain in my arm and shoulder. The treatment at Horine Chiropractic worked so well for me I have recommended this treatment to several of my friends and customers.

John Rocha

Bakery Owner

Dr. Horine’s treatment made my chemo damaged feet so much better that not only did everyone notice I was feeling better, but I discontinued the medication I was on. In fact, I left Dr. Horine’s card with my oncologist.

Mike Nava


I was in a car accident that led to my entire back being in extreme pain. At first, I went to physical therapy, but I just did not respond too well to their treatments. After going through decompression treatments with Dr. Horine, I’m back to working an entire shift pain-free and enjoying my workouts.


California Highway Patrol Officer

I noticed a difference from the very first adjustment. No more neck pain!

James Curley

Business Owner

I couldn’t even stand up straight. Dr. Horine got me straightened up and out of pain. As a result, I am working without pain, riding my Harley, and enjoying my life.

Joseph Avila

Dairy Owner

After completing the neuropathy treatment, I can walk up and down stairs without any support, my athleticism is restored and I’m back to racing cars and motorcycles again. Thanks to Dr. Horine introducing me to the gluten free diet, I am also more chipper, can answer questions right away… and I am off my insulin!

Harvey Torgeson

Vietnam Vet