Pain or Numbness Radiating into Arms and Hands

Pain and Numbness Down the Arm and Hand

If you are getting pain and or numbness in your shoulder, arm or hand, it’s likely coming from a pinched nerve in your neck.

When the spinal bones in the neck are misaligned, they can pinch the nerves that leave the neck and go into the arm, causing pain, numbness, or weakness.

This is a severe problem that must be addressed through chiropractic treatments right away. The sooner you begin addressing the problem, the better chance of a full recovery.

The bones of the spine must be re-aligned, and the pinched nerve must be decompressed.Chiropractic treatments adjust the spinal bones back into balance.

If the problem is severe, spinal decompression therapy may be recommended in addition to balancing the spine.

The spinal decompression therapy helps to speed up the healing of the damaged discs (pads between the spinal bones) and very often saves people from unnecessary surgery.

It’s important to take care of this as soon as you can, as this can get worse quickly.

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Pain and Numbness down the Arm Treatment in Visalia CA