what other doctors are saying

What Other Doctors Are Saying

David B. Phillips - Horine Chiropractor Visalia CA

“Dr. Horine’s groundbreaking approach turns the current understanding of back pain upside down.… And their elegant method to healing back pain is brilliantly simple.”

John Gerard - Horine Chiropractor Visalia CA

“It’s discoveries like these that have the power to change our understanding of health… Passing up an opportunity to hear what these doctors have to say on the matter would be an unfortunate mistake.”

Dr. Horine waded through the science and made sense of the tangled web of research that overwhelms the back pain world… I don’t know if they realize how big of a discovery they have actually made.

Daniel Bader


The doctor offer an absolutely marvelous, fresh approach that could truly give you the knowledge and the power to take your life back from chronic pain.

Michael P. O’Leary, DC

President of OHP Research

Dr. Horine is able to extend beyond the alleviation of low back pain and actually lay a foundation by which to manage many chronic health conditions.

Joe Ritola


Dr. Horine has taken research from completely different areas of science, digested it, and applied it in a revolutionary and innovative way that will leave back pain sufferers with new found hope. The overall implication of this information is far-reaching and answers questions the health care world has been in search of for years.

Dwight James