Neck Pain

There is nothing more annoying and miserable than neck pain. Even when it’s mild it just gnaws away at your ability to focus and concentrate.

And when you neck “goes out” and locks up, it feels like even moving your eyeballs will cause you to seize up. Every breath is slow and calculated. It’s absolutely awful.

And neck pain means you have a deeper problem.

When your neck is “tweaked,” most of the time it’s due to the spinal bones being misaligned.

It shows up after weeks or months (sometimes years) of stressors have piled on top of each other, and finally your body gives in and your neck goes out.

People are surprised to learn that often the spinal bones in the low back or pelvis are the primary issue.

Since the neck bones are stacked on top of all the rest of the bones in the spine, any minor imbalance in the foundational bones down low will cause much bigger problems up in the neck.

So in order to fix the neck, all areas of the spine must be appropriately addressed and balanced.

Chiropractic is the best treatment option for neck pain because it addresses the source of the problem.

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